Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Prospecting Secrets Revealed!

Let me start off by explaining the biggest benefit of providing your downline members with a viral prospecting system.

It boils down to this...

When you have a viral prospecting system in place for your team members, your downline has the potential to take on a life of its own and continue to grow effortlessly while you're focusing on more important things such as family and friends.

A gentleman I recently discovered managed to accomplish the difficult task of duplication while maintaining his full time job and family life.

He mentioned that ever since the beginning of his online ventures he was searching for a system that brought interested prospects in automatically.

He didn't have time to do the traditional recruiting methods because they required a lot of time and commitment.

What he wanted instead, was a huge downline that duplicated on auto-pilot from his part time efforts.

"But did such a solution exist?"

If it did, he said he couldn't find it...

So after many years of struggling to build a solid residual income through network marketing he decided it was time to take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and he created a 3 step marketing system that literally exploded his downline within a few months.

The part that amazed me the most was the fact that he didn't spend a dime on advertising. And his downline is now over 11,460 strong and growing monthly on auto-pilot.

Ultimately I learned that being a successful sponsor involves providing some type of system that helps people build their business, not sitting around wondering why your downline isn't doing anything.

I guess the quote from Zig Ziglar holds true:

"You can have everything in life you want, if you just help enough other people get what they want."

If you'd like to learn more about a brand new prospecting system that builds YOUR primary business and generates multiple income streams, go here:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Successful Steps To Clarifying Your Network Marketing Goals!

Success In Internet Marketing is achieved to a large degree by the
clarity and effectiveness of your goals. Clearly defined goals will
help you chart out your action plan and take you to where you want
to go. A good mentor, accountability partners, a clear focus and a
massive action plan are the key Success ingredients you need to add
to the mix.


1. Identify Your WHY To become successful in Network marketing you
need to find your deep felt reason for starting your network
marketing business - your WHY. When things get tough it will be
your strong WHY that carries you through to network marketing success.

2. Establish a Dream List As part of your network marketing goal
setting process you need to establish a dream list, what are the
goals that excite you? This list should be specific and clear and
you should post pictures of your dreams around your house.

3. Document Your Goals Only 3% of the population document their
goals and that 3% generate over 90% of the Network Marketing
income. Get your goals onto paper and and review them on a daily
basis, this will help focus your efforts and move you ever closer
to your Network Marketing dreams.

4. Break Your Goals Down When you have your goal documented imagine
the day you achieve it and start to work backwards through the
steps you need to take to achieve it. Document these steps until
they get back to today as this is going to be your action plan to
Network Marketing success.


5. Get Multiple Accountable Partners We all need help to achieve
our goals and one of the most important aids are accountable
partners. Pick people who will keep you on your toes and challenge
you to achieve and make sure you review your network marketing
goals with them regularly.

6. Review Your Goals Review your goals daily once at night and
again in the morning. You want to train your subconscious mind to
understand the steps you need to be doing on a consistent basis to
achieve your dreams and desires.

7. Repeat The Process Goal setting should be a continual process
not a once a year process. As part of your review look for ways to
stretch yourself and apply more challenging targets and bigger

These steps take a little time to put in place but should not take
too long. Establish an effective daily method of operation and
ensure that all your actions are taking you closer to your dreams
and goals.If you are busy working on things that are not going to
help you achieve your goals then review why you are doing them.
Constantly steer your efforts towards your goals and success is
just around the corner.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

How To Motivate Your Team (Downline)

I have no problem with introducing my daily consumable products to people and having repeat product ordering. We have a system in place to make this simple. Everyone loves the products!

Most of those who come on board for the business, no matter how much support I and my upline give, give up! If they're not making a living in 12months...they're over it! I have tried in various ways to encourage them, however, duplicating myself just doesn't happen. Why?"

That's a great question, and one that EVERY networker with at least 50 reps will start to wrestle with.

I remember feeling quite guilty... Almost depressed for some of the people's lack of success on my team. In turn, I started spending the vast majority of my time developing new websites, new systems, and new tools in order to help them achieve the success they said they so badly wanted.

I basically stopped sponsoring all together and got into the dreaded "management mode", where 90% of my time was spent on training and tool development.

But the funny part, is that nothing ever changed. It didn't matter what I did for them. It didn't matter how bad I wanted "success" for them. The people who were getting results, continued to do so, while those who were treading water, kept treading.

Understand this right now: The only thing you can do that will TRULY help your business and your team members is to lead by example.

Just do the things that you need to personally do on a daily basis to build your business - Advertising, Prospecting, Follow-up, and New Rep orientation. One training call per week for new reps, tops... Spend more of your time one-on-one with your producers, and that's it.

Just as it is a sorting game to find new reps, it is a sorting game to find reps that will work and achieve once they join.

The sad truth is that 90% of those who start a networking business aren't really serious about becoming self-employed. They are just looking to "buy some hope", so they can quite the voices of discontent in their heads.

Soon enough, they'll find an excuse as to why "it didn't work for them", and quit.

And there's NOTHING you can do about it - So don't spend your time and energy worrying about it.

DO NOT cater to their weakness. Do not change your tools if they are working for you. Do not change your websites if it is working for you. Do not change your system if it is working for you - just because it doesn't work for others... It never will, and it's their issue, not yours.

Build YOUR business. Lead by example, and the right one's (the few), will follow you. Put your blinders on to everything and everyone else.

I tolerate ZERO negativity in my life now. Someone send's an unfriendly email... Adios. They're off my list and out of my life.

I was at a convention once and I asked a WHALE of a networking what I needed to do because my downline had gotten stagnant. (I had basically stopped recruiting). "Find new blood" was his answer, and he was right. You're not here to save people. You're here to give them an opportunity to save themselves. Most won't. And only they can ever change that.

As a business owner, it's much smarter to find "Do-ers" and leaders than it is to turn people into them (which is basically impossible without their personal conviction to do so).

It is also VERY important that you leverage LARGE numbers in your business building efforts, because you won't even notice the whiners, complainers, and quitters when you're dealing with thousands of people.

The best way to do that is to start advertising, then build and maintain a LIST that you drip on over time. Each new contact will bring new, interested prospects and reps to the table.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When should you prospect for new distributors?

When should you prospect for new distributors?
Prospecting is like going on a diet.

When would it be a good time to diet?

One day a year?

No, that would not be too successful. We may lose weight on the one day that we diet, but the other 364 days would cancel our one day of progress.

One day a month?

Again, our dieting is not consistent enough to be successful.

One day a week?

Better. But do you really think you can lose weight by dieting only one day of the week?


That's the key to success in dieting. Just a small effort on a daily schedule will create success in our diet.

And that's how leaders prospect. They do a little bit each day. Distributors think that leaders have some sort of secret trick that they perform to become successful. The truth is that leaders tend to be more consistent in their sponsoring efforts.

What can we teach to our new distributors so that they'll have consistent results also?

Teach them to make at least one contact each day. Maybe write a letter. Loan out a DVD. Mail a CD. Make a telephone call. Just talk to a prospect.

It all adds up and soon they'll have all the prospects they need for a successful network marketing business. No longer will they suffer from the stress of where to find the next good prospect. They'll have plenty of prospects and their entire "positioning" changes from desperation to confidence.
Want more neat prospecting ideas?


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sponsoring Tip #5: Use a 'Top Ten' list

Sponsoring Tip #5: Use a 'Top Ten' list.

What do prospects sometimes think of our business cards,
flyers, brochures, key chains, pens, memo pads and other
advertising items?


While these items may have our name and phone number for
contact purposes, they really don't sell our opportunity for us.

Instead of leaving these items, why not try a 'Top Ten' list of
reasons your prospect would want to join your opportunity or
use your product. You can add a little humor to make the list

Here is an example of an opportunity list.

Top Ten Reasons to join the Wonderful Company.


1. You can tell your boss what you really think of him.
2. No more daycare bills.
3. You can wake up in the morning when your kids wake up.
4. You'll always have money in your savings account.
5. Your paycheck will come to your mailbox every month.
6. You'll never have to ask for a raise.
7. Fun conventions in Hawaii twice a year.
8. You are paid what you are worth, not what someone else
decides you are worth.
9. You won't have to beg permission to take a few days
off from work. You can take a vacation anytime you want.
10. Exciting, high-paying career that you'll enjoy instead of
boring work that only makes others rich.

Here is an example of a product list.

Top Ten Reasons to use Wonderful Lotion.

1. It will never leave your skin feeling greasy.
2. Only costs twenty-three cents a day.
3. Protects your skin from harmful sun rays.
4. Will make men turn their heads and stare.
5. Perfect base for long-lasting makeup.
6. Carries no scent to interfere with your perfume.
7. Lasts all night so you'll never wake up with rough skin.
8. Will make you smile every time you touch your softer skin.
9. Makes wrinkles recede and look smaller.
10. Will make everyone jealous at your high school reunion.


If your list is interesting, it will be hard for your prospects
to throw your list away. Your list will constantly remind your
prospects of the benefits of your opportunity or product.

After continued exposure to your list, many prospects will
eventually call you - pre-sold on your opportunity.

And if you must use your business cards, pens, etc., you can
still add your 'Top Ten' list with the information you leave
behind with your prospects.

This is just one of the over one-hundred ways and places
to sponsor new distributors found in the super-manual!

Imagine, just a few days from now you could have access to
over one-hundred ways and places to sponsor new distributors!
See how easily you can sponsor more distributors into your
Network Marketing business!


Friday, March 7, 2008

"I don't have time." Network Marketing

"I don't have time."
Most people spend about three hours a week complaining about their jobs and stupid bosses. Another hour per week is spent discussing bad decisions from politicians. Then there is the time discussing in-laws.

Most prospects smile and realize that they could use a few minutes of this non-productive time to build a networking business. I don't ask prospects to give up this chatter time with their friends. I simply ask them to change the subject of their chatter for a few minutes.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. It's how we choose to use those 24 hours that counts. I can't give prospects more time, but I can give them an option of what they do with some of their time.
Want more neat prospecting ideas?

Get seven examples of ways to sponsor new distributors, taken directly from the '103 Ways & Places to Sponsor New Distributors' manual.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sponsoring Tip #4: What your prospects really want to know


When I do my live workshops, I don't do any introductions
and I don't spend any time talking about my credentials. I
just start sharing prospecting techniques.

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The workshop participants don't care about my credentials.
And, they are right. My credentials won't make them a cent.

I wrote six books on how to sponsor distributors. Because
I wrote those six books, not a single workshop participant
will earn an extra dollar on his bonus check.

Even if my credentials included a Ph.D. degree in Networking,
my credentials still don't mean a thing.

Why? Because the workshop attendees don't want to know
about credentials -- they want to know about EXPERIENCES.

Book theory or my personal bank account balance won't
put money in the workshop participants' pockets. Real life
experiences, case studies, proven real world strategies and
techniques are what distributors want to hear.

The same principle applies to sponsoring. What *don't*
your prospects want to know?

* They don't want to know how big your car is.
* They don't care how many heavy hitter awards you've won.
* They don't want to know how big your bonus check was
last month.

All these things are things you've accomplished. Your prospects
may not believe they have the same skills or abilities to match
your accomplishments.

So, what do your prospects really want to know?


They want to know how you helped other distributors become
successful. They would like to hear about other people in
similar circumstances who have been helped by you to become

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If you're successful in networking, you should have lots of
these real life experiences to share with prospects. Your
sponsoring presentations will be easy.

What if you're not successful in networking or just starting?
What should you do then?

Sounds like a great time to start building your successful
experiences. Instead of sponsoring wide, wide, wide, why
not concentrate on your best distributor? Put some extra
effort into helping one of your distributors make it to the top.

Once you have your first success story, move on to your next.
You'll soon get the reputation of somebody who makes people
successful. That's a great reputation to own. And, prospects
will be 'attracted' to you.

It makes sense. Prospects don't care what you have done
for yourself. They want to know what you have done for the
people you have sponsored.

The tips sent to you via email are limited to one or two page
tips. Most sponsoring tips are more detailed and take a bit
longer to explain. Want to learn over a hundred different
ways and places to sponsor new distributors?

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Prospecting Tips,"Like Giving Aspirin For A Headache"

"Give 'em a headache, then make 'em ASK YOU for the
aspirin" What if sponsoring was as easy as selling
aspirin to people with headaches? What if you created
an atmosphere with every person you came across where
they felt lucky you decided to show them your ML*M
opportunit*y? Where they jumped for joy if they were
selected and approved for team membership. Would
sponsoring become fun, exciting, and simple?

If banks can do it, why can't you? Think about it.
Banks make money by renting out money, don't they?
Yet, how do we feel when we get "approved for the
loan?" We jump for joy and feel lucky, don't we? But
how crazy is that? That's like going into a
supermarket and kissing the manager's feet because he
LET you bu*y a loaf of bread!

The secret of applying this to your networking is to
make your prospect want what you have before you offer
it to them. In the broadest sense, there's only two
motivating reasons why someone will join your network.
They join either to gain pleasure or to avoid pain.
Here's a little known fact: More people will join your
network out of a desire to stop the pain than will
EVER join because of all the pleasure they'll get.
Yet, what do most ML*M'ers do? They push aside the
most powerful persuader they've got and overwhelm
their prospects with why their deal is the greatest
and why they've "got to get in on it now!"

You can easily triple your sponsoring efforts if you
demonstrate all the pain that your prospect is
currently living with that will cease to exist if they
are selected to join your team. Now, don't
misunderstand, I'm NOT saying you shouldn't present
the benefits of your business, but your sponsoring
results will go up dramatically if you use the carrot
AND the stick!

So, your job (and it's really fun once you know how to
do it) is to go around giving people headaches and
then curing their pain. Once a prospect knows (or
admits it to him or herself) what they are missing and
(more importantly) that there is, in fact, a better
way - something more for them - they want a way to get
there immediately!!! They desperately want someone to
provide them with the leadership and direction to
change the situation. They instantly want someone to
coach them... an expert to show the way... a
consultant to guide them... a trusted confidant to
provide advice. And, that someone is you.

Here's the catch (you knew there had to be a catch,
right?): Sometimes your prospect's pain is hidden.
Your prospect has been living with the pain for so
long that they've gone numb to protect themselves
against it. The trick is to tactfully shake them up a
little. "How?", you ask.

Questions Are The Answers...

The best way to do this is with questions. Questions
allow you to step inside your prospect's head. By
asking questions just like a doctor does, the prospect
tells you where it hurts and in so doing begins to
feel and experience the pain again. Questions are so
powerful. They allow you to lead and direct the
conversation down the path you wish to go... they
build trust and rapport... they make people feel
important. Think about it: Who would you rather be
around; the person who talks intelligently about a
number of different topics while you listen, or the
person who asks you a number of intelligent questions
and listens with genuine interest to what you have to

If you simply TELL people how you have this great
opportunit*y then they can (and usually will) doubt
you. But, by asking questions and getting your
prospect to TELL YOU the same thing, they BELIEVE and
ACCEPT it as a fact! And, because it's now their idea,
they'll move heaven and earth to get it.

Learning to ask questions instead of asserting
statements about your ML*M can take a little getting
used to. At first, you might feel a little like you're
learning a foreign language, and in a sense you are.
You've got to think in terms of questions. From now
on, every time you're tempted to tell your prospect
something, rethink it in your head and ask it as a
question. There isn't any statement you can make about
your ML*M that cannot be rephrased and expressed as a

If you want to get good at sponsoring, spend an entire
day every so often and try not to make one
statement... just ask questions and listen to the
answers. If you accept this challenge, you'll attract
people to you like moths to a flame. People you just
met will tell you they feel like they've known you
their entire lives. People will open up to you. When
they open up, they trust you. When they trust, they'll
tell you where they hurt and experience that pain.
When they feel the pain, they want it to stop... which
is exactly the opening you've been searching for!

When you prospect someone (be it online through a web
site, email, telephone, in person, etc.) you give them
a headache. You build in them an earnest desire to
join and make it their idea. Every day of their life
they experience some pain or frustration that your
ML*M opportunit*y will eliminate. Find it. Ask
questions to uncover it. Don't assume you already know
what it is. Make them tell you. As they answer,
they'll experience that pain and naturally want to end
to it. Then, casually let them know that you might (if
they're lucky) be able to stop it. Now, they WANT what
you're offering... and it was their idea! So now
you're doing them the favor and they are grateful to

This whole process can happen very quickly and it's
easier than it sounds. Start off by asking open ended
questions that requires your prospect to explain.
Here's an example:

"If you could change any aspect of your financial
situation, what would you change?"

Think about the idea behind this question and you will
see how it can be adapted in any number of ways
depending on who you're prospecting.

If you really involve yourself and take a genuine
interest in your prospect's frustrations, you'll come
up with an endless supply of follow up questions. For

"John, if you could change any aspect of your job
situation, what would change? Are the number of hours
too much? Is job security a concern? Are you on the
road too much? Would it help you to be making more
money? Do you find yourself less patient as a result?
How does it affect your relationship with your wife?
Have you saved enough to send Amy to college or will
she have to wait a couple of years?"

Here's one more REALLY good follow-up question: "If
you were not working 80 hours a week and spent some
quality time with your son, do you think you could
have stopped him from getting hooked on drugs,
stealing cars, and getting in gang fights every week?"

Although that was a joke, its implications are very
real. Those kind of fears, pains and worries are
extremely persuasive and motivating. So, for each area
of dissatisfaction and pain, make sure you don't leave
out the most important question, "How does that affect
you?" This will get your prospect to think about and
feel the consequences of the problem (or potential

Once they tell you the consequences, you've given them
a full blown headache, now it's time to make 'em ask
you for the aspirin. Here again, use questions like
"What would it mean to you if I could provide...

If you fill in the blank with the
benefits your opportunit*y can provide, tailored to
what you know (from your questions) your prospect
wants, and you will make them stand in line and beg to
join your network!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

5 Pillars Of Success- 5 Key Ingredients Vital For Success In Any Network Marketing Company!

5 Pillars of Success:

1) Company Leadership Proven MLM Experience? - Ethics? - Integrity?
Have you actually read their Policies & Procedures? How Many pages? (Less is usually better)
Who does it protect? Comp plan set up to favor/protect distributors or company?
Allow 'walkaway' income? Loopholes to steal your commissions someday?
LONG TERM focus with a solid foundation, or "get rich quick" mentality?

2) Timing of INDUSTRY and COMPANY
Who's the TARGET MARKET for your PRODUCTS ? Huge demand? Future? Meet Long Term
TRENDS? Run from Startups; More name recognition less of an opportunity. Find BALANCE.
Company Phase? Formulation - Momentum - Plateau ?

3) Flagship PRODUCT(s) Have to be REMARKABLE Not over-priced CONSUMABLE!
Good enough that NON networkers will "take to the market" and keep re-ordering.
Purple Cow Attention getter, Stand out; Must also have other GOOD products;


Comp Plan Pays part-time average person fair percentage
Rewards for promoting products NOT for recruiting reps
Pays on VOLUME not levels - Drives BEHAVIOR in the field.
BREAKAGE? REAL/ACTUAL commissions? Best 'statistics' -
'TAC' Total Avg Commission? 'PTV' Percentage of TOTAL volume ?

Best way for YOU to do the business ? Action Plan / Game Plan? Duplicatable?
Can EVERYBODY do it? Times have changed. Some things that worked just a
few years ago, do not today. Many companies and TEAMS are using outdated
systems and methods. Most people (92+% of population) do not like to sell or be sold.
Dr. Phil question: "How's that working for you?"
5 Pillars of Success:

1) Company Leadership Proven MLM Experience? - Ethics? - Integrity?
Have you actually read their Policies & Procedures? How Many pages? (Less is usually better)
Who does it protect? Comp plan set up to favor/protect distributors or company?
Allow 'walkaway' income? Loopholes to steal your commissions someday?
LONG TERM focus with a solid foundation, or "get rich quick" mentality?


2) Timing of INDUSTRY and COMPANY
Who's the TARGET MARKET for your PRODUCTS ? Huge demand? Future? Meet Long Term
TRENDS? Run from Startups; More name recognition less of an opportunity. Find BALANCE.
Company Phase? Formulation - Momentum - Plateau ?

3) Flagship PRODUCT(s) Have to be REMARKABLE Not over-priced CONSUMABLE!
Good enough that NON networkers will "take to the market" and keep re-ordering.
Purple Cow Attention getter, Stand out; Must also have other GOOD products;

4) Comp Plan Pays part-time average person fair percentage
Rewards for promoting products NOT for recruiting reps
Pays on VOLUME not levels - Drives BEHAVIOR in the field.
BREAKAGE? REAL/ACTUAL commissions? Best 'statistics' -
'TAC' Total Avg Commission? 'PTV' Percentage of TOTAL volume ?

Best way for YOU to do the business ? Action Plan / Game Plan? Duplicatable?
Can EVERYBODY do it? Times have changed. Some things that worked just a
few years ago, do not today. Many companies and TEAMS are using outdated
systems and methods. Most people (92+% of population) do not like to sell or be sold.
Dr. Phil question: "How's that working for you?"


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First and foremost you need to find a Company that you can be successful in not a successful company.

The following are 5 simple steps to establishing a company that will enable you to become successful in.

Step#1- Company Management experience with integrity. What I mean by this is has the company been built from the ground up by the owner or owners? or is it being run by fortune 500 members who have no idea how a Company was built, and whom never put in the sweat, tears, and hours required to make it successful. This is the foundation of any company, you must have established credibility and respect from your prospects who know and do everyday the work required to become successful.

Does the company owner meet these requirements and has he come up in the ranks as most of your prospects have. This is important in establishing the foundation of successful relationships required to keep your prospects and grow the business. Again how do you know if the company owner has integrity? check your contract and policy and procedures? if the policies and procedures pack entails 30 to 40 pages, run for the hills. This part of a contract, must make you wonder why so long, they are trying to be mischevious. This should be a hint.

Also you can Google the company and owner to check bankruptcy and track records, this will be a good indication if you should join or not. Always remember to read the entire contract before joining. Slick lawyers write these in ways to mislead you. Make sure you are not terminable with or without cause and that they can stop your paychecks by getting rid of you. Also look for hidden clauses that stipulate you cannot ever enter into a class action law suit against the company.

Step#2- Timing in the company, timing in the industry. does the company have time within the industry of the products for which they are promoting. Is the timing within the industry at a peak that can be productive by you joining and beneficial to you in help growing the company.

Step#3- Does the company have a product that is remarkable? What I mean is that you are looking for a product that stands out amongst the niche that it is in. Would you buy this product even without a compensation plan. Is it that strong and valuable of a product that it could stand alone and people would continue to purchase year after year? Also you want to be aware of over priced products. Alot of companies over price their products to the point where they continously find themselves having to explain to prospects, and justify why it is that their product is so expensive. This tends to make the owner a sales person as opposed to a Network Marketer, and is usually a recipe for disaster. make sure the product is remarkable and value priced.

Step#4- Compensation Plan?

Let me give you a few pointers to be aware of when reviewing the companies compensation plan and what to be aware of. Are you getting paid for recruiting people into the company? where is your paychecks coming from? If you find that you are being paid for recruiting people into the company beware. This is not legal and is a good indication that you may be involved in a scam. Do your paychecks stop when your recruiting stops? if so run for the hills. You are probably involved in some type of Pyramid Scheme.

You must make sure that you are being paid commissions on selling a product, not people. Beware of companies that use bait and switch tactics. For example they offer a product with multiple pay ranges. If you do A,B,C, we will give you the product for 19.00 but if you do A,B,C, and D you can get the product for 14.00 dollars. these are bait and switch tactics and definately not a sign of integrity.

Step#5- Is the system that the company uses duplicatable? this is probably the most important factor for determining if the company is the right match for you. You want a system that is duplicatable on all levels and that this system is proven in growing your business, not only for you to duplicate but for your prospects also. You must have a team to build a successful business, surround yourself with like minded people, who in turn become your prospects, members of your team and ultimately your master mind group. These are the hallmarks of successful online businesses.

Make sure the system is duplicatable all the way down the levels in your organization, a system that respects prospects as people not numbers. Respect your prospects give them a duplicatable system, surround yourself with like minded people and you will inevitably succeed in any business you create.

Shane Purcell-Infopruener/Mentor
Mentor For Free Learn To Build Successful Network Marketing Business!

Sponsoring Tip #3: Offer training

Sponsoring Tip #3: Offer training.

Which offer is difficult to sell and which offer will have
prospects beating down your door offering to give you

A. Computer for sale. Only $500.
B. Computer for sale. Only $500. Includes two days of
personal training.

A. Bulldozer for sale. Only $25,000.
B. Bulldozer for sale. Only $25,000. Includes three days
of training.

A. Cake decorating equipment. Only $300.
B. Cake decorating equipment. Only $300. Includes one
week of free cake decorating classes.

A. Home exercise equipment. Only $800.
B. Home exercise equipment. Only $800. Includes five
sessions with personal trainer.

A. Home movie video equipment. Only $500.
B. Home movie video equipment. Only $500. Includes
six hours of personal instruction on how to
create great home movies.

A. Business opportunity. Only $49 for a distributor kit.
B. Business opportunity. Only $49 for a distributor kit.
Includes 48 hours of classroom instruction on how
to build a successful business.

See a trend?

In every case, offer B is easier to sell.

In today's rush-rush society, people don't want to read long,
boring instruction manuals. They don't want to waste time
with trial and error.

Prospects want personal attention and personal training to
quickly achieve their goals.

Once we recognize the desire for training, sponsoring gets easy.


Because we are giving prospects what they want.

Several years ago I had the following experience.

I observed a master trainer conduct an opportunity meeting.
He spent very little time talking about the company, the
products, and the opportunity.

In fact, he hardly mentioned them!

Instead, he told the prospects about the wonderful training he
was conducting that weekend. This training would change their

They would have new viewpoints, great vision, understanding
of the universe, and anything else they wanted. All they had to
do was go to the training.

Of course they had to be a distributor to attend this training,
so every prospect in attendance quickly enrolled in the program.

Well, the training was good. In fact, it was great!

At the next opportunity meeting the new distributors talked
and raved about their training experience. Their enthusiasm
was so contagious that all the new guests quickly enrolled
as distributors so that they would be eligible to attend the
next training.

This cycle continued and a large, trained, motivated group
was built - with hardly any mention about the company,
products, or opportunity.

This proved to me that prospects are desperate for training
and guidance. I also learned that prospects would join even
if they don't see a beautiful flip chart, video, or Internet

By focusing on training, you'll get more distributors and less
rejection. Few people have bad things to say about training
and learning new skills.

Ready to get started?

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Failing To Make Money Online? Find Out Why It's Not Your Fault!

Have you tried making money online through Network Marketing, yet have failed time after time. Spending thousands of dollars and not making any profits? Unfortunately this is what I hear from 99.9% of people trying to earn extra income from home. Take a deep breath, relax, and know this. It Is Not Your Fault!

According to a recent poll worldwide over 150,000 people join or start a home based business each and every week. 99.9% of all these people will spend literally thousands and thousands of dollars and years of failure and frustration, never reaching their dreams and ultimately giving up. Does this sound familiar? The good news is it doesn't have to be that way.

Most people rush into Network Marketing without the knowledge and Resources necessary to be able to choose a Company that they can become successful with. A lot of the Network Marketing Company's out there are treading under the radar promoting illegal pyramid schemes and opportunities that will never bear any monetary fruit. Why? because the deck of cards has been stacked against you from the get go.

These so called Network marketing Company's promote recruit, recruit, recruit, and pay according to the volume of people you recruit. Know this, it is illegal to be paid on the number of people you recruit into your business. You must earn residual income from the retail sales of a product, period. Anything else is a scam and if I were you I would get out right away. It is therefore, essential to know what to look for in a Company that you can become financially successful in.

This Company should have a product that is so outstanding in quality and price value, that you would purchase even if it did not come with a business opportunity attached. The company should have a well established compensation plan that pays you on volume of retail sales of a product, and not on recruiting people. people are not numbers just as Marketing is not a numbers game. have respect for your people you bring into your business and treat them as such, people.

Remember Network Marketing is not a numbers game, but a network of building relationships that will last year in and year out, if your not having success in the company your in and they do not follow what was mentioned above, you are in a losing situation. The only person making money in the Company is the top level Management and Owner. Beware of Companies that want you to purchase training products and CD's and do not show you how to become successful by building your own Network, selling outstanding products not hype or promotional material

To learn more about why it is not your fault you can get my e-book Success In 10 Steps, by visiting my signature file below.

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Company's Compensation Plan Drives The Behavior In The Field

A company's Compensation Plan can and will determine the activities and conduct of its affiliates and sales representatives. For instance, if a company depends on a "recruit, recruit, recruit" mentality for its affiliates to earn substantial backend residual income, the tendency will be to make a list of all your friends, family and every acquaintance you've had since kindergarten, sign everybody up, give them minimal training and then throw them against a wall to see who sticks. Ouch!

And if a company's Compensation Plan includes a "breakaway" clause, meaning that if someone in your downline surpasses you in sales they break out of your downline and start their own, there would be a tendency not to receive much upline support.

This all works out great for the top five percent of an organization, but what about the rest of us? Instead, there must also be a way to earn income on retail sales and there should be ongoing training with upline support.

Questions to ask yourself when evaluating your P&P's and Comp Plan

How many people will you need in your organization to make $10,000 a month on backend residual income alone, not including bonuses?

Is it profitable for part-time people? (Remember, about 95% of your organization will be made up of part-time people.)

Does the compensation plan pay on all volume with NO breakage?

All of these 5 Pillars must be in place for your Network Marketing business to be successful!

Company management experience with integrity.

Timing in the industry and timing in your company.

A flagship product which is value priced - There must be more than one product and it must be affordable.

A compensation plan that pays average part-time people.

A duplicatable proven system with upline support.

If your company is missing just one of these qualities you will have a hard time making your business work and if you're missing more than that it will be almost impossible for you to succeed...your company will be fine with or without you.

Make sure your company isn't working against you

You work hard at building your organization and don't need your company undermining your efforts. Your business from home should be fun, rewarding and profitable. You should have a positive outlook on your chances for success. Relieve yourself of the feelings of regret, failure and an empty bank account. Learn to read and understand your Policies and Procedures.

Build it once, build it big and build it for your children's children!

Shane Purcell-Free E-book
"Success In 10 Steps"

Color Coding Personality Types To Building Better Business Relationships

One of the most important aspects to network marketing is the importance of building successful MLM relationships. To understand your prospects (i.e., their motivations, strengths and weaknesses) is to have a strong foothold on the MLM ladder to success with them.

Since ancient times, humans have sought to explain behavior by categorizing personalities into distinct types. Over the years, numerous naming schemes have been proposed for what have now be universally accepted as the four temperaments.

Paint by numbers--Yellow, Blue, Green and Red

Colors are intriguing. They are visual and easy to understand. Having always been artistically inclined and visually stimulated, this was the first and most important resource we stumbled across when we began building our own home based business and searching for ways to develop successful MLM relationships - a simpler way to determine who we were dealing with. It is without a doubt one of the most useful tools we have found in our quest for success with our network marketing business.

Yellow personalities are open yet indirect with their feelings and make up 35 percent of the population. They are dependable, great listeners, exceptional team players, and are and supportive and nurturing. They are the best at using both sides of their brain. Key words to use when communicating with a Yellow are "team", "together", "relationship" and "family." They are very open with their feelings, but when you ask them a question they don't volunteer any more information than is required. They enjoy life and hate pushy people or any kind of confrontation.

Their weaknesses are that they are overly sensitive, take things personally, tend to be followers and are not goal-oriented. However, if you take your time and build a strong relationship with them, teach them, and help them, you'll have a remarkable and very loyal team member that "plays well with others."

Blues personalities are open and direct with their feelings and make up 15 percent of the population. Although they make up a smaller percentage of the population, there are many Blues are drawn to network marketing because they are very fun-loving, high energy, extremely creative individuals. When you ask them a question, they will go on and on, giving you more information than you needed, and in the process probably forgetting what the question was to begin with.

Their weaknesses are that they tend to talk too much, are unorganized and are poor with follow-up (one of the best things you can do for a Blue is to teach them to use an auto-responder). But if you can train them to focus and to follow a system for success you will have one of the hardest working and resourceful team members you could ask for.

Green personalities make up 35 percent of the population. They are indirect, self-contained, and very pragmatic and logical. They rely on the confirmation of facts and figures before any decision can be made or any action can be taken. They are extremely organized, very good planners and are always accurate, persistent and great on follow-through.

They might, however, sometimes be perceived as being depressed and lonely. They tend to be over-analytical and hard to please, making them slow to begin any project until they have all the information required and it has been graphed, analyzed, dissected and scrutinized to their satisfaction. They hate pushy sales people and need to be allowed to sell themselves on your MLM business opportunity. After they do, their expertise and attention to detail will make them invaluable members of your network marketing team.

The Red color personalities make up 15 percent of the population and are very direct, totally self-contained and will not let you see their weaknesses. They are extremely focused, are very intense and like to get straight to the point. They must be in charge at all times and are totally motivated by money and success.

They dislike indecision and have no time for chit chat about family or relationships. When talking to a Red, it is important to stroke their ego, show them respect and let them believe they are in total control of the conversation at all times. Although they are very goal-oriented, they are short tempered, domineering, impatient and un-teachable.

How does all this color-coding relate to you and your MLM business?

For example: Say you had a prospect that was 40% Blue, 30% Yellow, 20% Green and 10% Red. Being primarily "Blue", their business opportunity from home would have to be fun, while their "Yellow" tendencies would be resolved that their efforts must be helpful to others. The pragmatic "Green" would demanded knowledge of the skills and tools needed to succeed, and any lingering bits of "Red" would demanded that the whole enterprise would have to be enormously profitable. As in this example, most of us are a curious rainbow mixture of all of these basic personality hues. But the most important thing here is that that your prospect's primary color is "Blue."

By understanding these basic personality types, you learn to recognize your own personality traits and why you relate to people as you do. But most importantly, you will discover that successfully running your own MLM business isn't about you - it's about them! You will learn to listen, and will be able to successfully relate to your prospects by really hearing and understanding what they are saying.

All a prospect really wants to know is "can they do this" and "how can you help them. "Color to Success" can give you the intellectual and psychological "tools" to attract hard working self-motivated, ambitious people to every level of your business. Since this business is about people and building successful network marketing relationships, what knowledge could possibly be more valuable?

Shane Purcell-Network Marketer/Mentor
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